Winter and an Upcoming Kitchen Remodel/Home Addition

Hey guys! It’s been a minute! I’m going to try to do this more regularly. Winter is really getting me down. I’ve been overeating…almost to the point of bingeing (but without the purge), gaining weight, and listening to my kids fight non-stop. Last night I was feeling so desperate that I went online and bought several hundreds of dollars of indoor toys because…I need my children to be entertained for more hours of the day AND I need to feel like a better mom and get that damn Kids YouTube off of the friggin tv. If I see one more unpacking of an LOL Doll I might die.

Things I potentially bought last night at 11pm….:|

Magna-Tiles – Shockingly we don’t actually own any of these and I think my girls will really like them. Blair in particular loves to build and destroy, so I’m hopeful that these will be a HIT!

AirFort – This one could come back to bite me in the @ss, but I think it’s going to be good. The girls love building a fort, but there is constant crying throughout “fort-play” time because someone knocks a blanket down and then everyone is pistol-whipping everyone else. I’m hoping this thing will help us avoid injuries. We got the pink version. Obviously.

Play-Doh – All of our play-doh is currently a greyish brown color except for one perfectly hot pink glittery container. Can you guess what happens with the one hot pink glittery variety and three kids? I thought there was going to be bloodshed yesterday. Since play-doh is cheap, I ordered more. I’m hopeful this will help us avoid a trip to Children’s.

Children’s Desk (x3) – This one was probably a bit much, but after we totally torched our old kids table (we potentially left it outside in the summer during a couple of storms because we are morons), we have no “child seating” to do art projects, etc. SO, I bought three of these. Everyone has THEIR OWN, so no arguing over who sits where at which table. We’re going to label them and give everyone their own damn colors and markers and hopefully my life will be easier…at least for 20 minutes.

Ok, I think “that’s it” for late night ordering. My next blog post is going to be about our kitchen remodel/house expansion. I’ll also be keeping you update with videos via my instastories @leeseebaby.  We’ll be starting the remodel/addition around the end of March if all goes to plan. Think taller ceilings, more counter space, no more deck, and moooore. Also, think a lot of money. Sigh.

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