So its been a minute. I was going to attempt to make a blog post every week, and then January happened. I’ll give you the high points: 2 cases of RSV, 3 ear infections, one case of Strep Throat, one LASIK surgery and a partridge in a pear tree. Then we started off February with a minor little change in our lives… I left my job at Big Brothers Big Sisters after almost eight years.  Don’t panic, it was planned, they didn’t finally figure out I was nuts or anything after eight years. They knew I was nuts and still tolerated me. Between my want to be with the girls more, the constant having to miss work to deal with the girls illnesses and Mark finishing up his residency, it was the best call for us. Last week was my last week and it was BRUTAL. I’ve left jobs I’ve hated before, but never one that I really liked. And even more than my job, I loved the people. The good news is though, that many of them will still be stuck with me.

Monday was my first real official day on the new job. Some of you may call me a faux stay-at-home mom when you read this, but the girls are going to school on Monday’s and Tuesday’s and will be home with me Wed-Friday. We decided that in order for us to literally ever stop living out of clothes baskets that never get put away, the only option is to put this stuff away when NO ONE ELSE IS HERE. I’ve spent the last two days cleaning and putting away laundry and running errands and meal planning and grocery shopping…and I know I’m gonna sound like a real basic bitch, but it was GLORIOUS. I’ve never been so productive in my life. I hate cleaning, but I also really hate living in what feels like a hoarders paradise (which is what its like living with three tiny girls) and having not one extra minute to clean anything.

Also, have I mentioned Mark is getting a vasectomy this month? 2018 has been named Mark’s year of elective surgery. First the LASIK and now the neutering. We’ve had a little fun with the upcoming snip-snip though. I had a little party in his honor last weekend (which my mom was HORRIFIED about…like many of the things I do, lol). The theme was “Balls-Voyage.” I’ve included some photos for your viewing pleasure. I’m sure there is more that I’m forgetting, but these are the highlights. I’ll try to get back on a normal posting schedule. Enjoy! Happy early Valentine’s Day! The House of Thomsen is #SurvivingNotThriving (shout out to The Home Edit for coming up with that phrase).




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